Thing made width love take time, enjoy the moment

+ 90% of the product we used is organic certified.
+ ALL OUR BREADS ARE MADE WITH SOURDOUGHT AT El Fornet de la Soca & Thoma ́s Bakeshop in PALMA.

+ + If you have any allergy ask to our team.
Vegetarian V Vegan VG Gluten free GF Suggestions S


Classic toast

T1 Butter and jam (strawberries, peach,

3,7€ V

T2 Tomato with olive oil, sprouts and salt
3,5€ VG

T3 Fresh artisant sheep cheese with tomato, alfalfa sprouts, oregan and seeds.
5,8€ V

Toast + Humus

T4 Homemade hummus with paprika,
sprouts and white gomashio.

5,5€ VG

T5 Homemade turmeric hummus, spicy
paprika, sprouts and black gomasio.

5,5€ VG

S3 Clasic hummus, turmeric hummus, avocado, sprouts of red cabbage, oregano and paprika (sweet or spicy).
7,5€ VG

Toast + avocado

T6 Avocado with tahini, turmeric and
umeboshi sauce.

6€ VG

S1 Avocado, tomato, olive oil, thyme,
onion sprouts on beetroot artisan bread.

6€ VG

Toast + Eggs + Avocado

H1 Avocado, tomato, rocket, artisan sheep
cheese and fried egg on beetroot artisan

8€ V

H2 Poached egg, avocado, tomato, spinach artisan bread and salad.
8,5€ V

S2 Scrambled eggs with artisan sheep yogurt, tomato, fresh onions, avocado, oregano, turmeric artisan bread and salad.
9,5€ V

Sweet toast

T7 Vegan nutella, banana and agave syrup
on artisan soft bread.

5,5€ VG

T8 Peanut butter, banana, honey or jam on
artisan soft bread.

5,5€ VG

S4 Vegan homemade almond cheese and
seasonal fresh fruits on artisan bread

7,5€ VG

+ Extra egg any style 2,0
+ Extra gluten free artisan bread 1,0

Granola Bowls

G1 Vegan homemade granola
(conventional oven) with lots seasonal

5,5€ V VG

G2 Raw vegan homemade granola (deydrate oven) with lots seasonal

9,5€ V VG GF

G3 Mixed of granola with seasonal
fruits (Raw+conventional)

9,5€ V VG

G4 Mini granola with seasonal fruits
5,5€ V VG GF +1€

All of our yogurts are fresh and organic, choose the one you like most: sheep, cow or soy.

Porridge Bowls

P1 Porridge with almond milk,
cinnamon, jam and seasonal fruits

7,8€ VG GF +1,5€

P2 Porridge with almond milk,
cinnamon, seeds and agave syrup or honey.

4,5€ VG GF +1,5€

Something more form 1pm

A1 Savory porridge with poached egg, tomato, kale chips, turmeric, alfalfa sprouts.
9,5€ V VG

S5 Classic hummus, turmeric hummus, salad and whole pita bread.
9,5€ VG

A2 Bowl of zuchini pasta with Green pesto and salad.
9,5€ VG

S6 Veggie burguer of the day. (asking to the waiter)
9,0€ VG

S7 Salad of the day bowl (asking to the waiter).
9,5€ V VG GF

S8 Soupe of the day.
6,5€ VG

+ Extra gluten free rice flakes 1,5
+ For our sweet porridges we use
agave syrup but if you prefer you
can order it with honey.

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