We all know those places. A café, a bar, a corner shop that somehow seems to have been there forever. That’s Mama Carmen’s. Although we opened our doors in 2017, our colorful vintage furniture, our collection of teapots and coffee pots from around the world and the chairs on our terrace make it seem like our spirit has been here forever.

While specialty coffee is the lifeblood of our existence, our toasts are as good as our roasts. And if you are one of those who feel that your day has not begun until you have eaten fruit, then you have found your place here for breakfast. Our granola bowls with fruit that comes off the rim, seasoned with coconut flakes, cocoa nibs and edible flowers are, along with our coffees and toasts, our third sign of identity. This is the place where both vegetarians and vegans can tune up the dishes on our menu to their liking.

We have a team used to “put this on and take that off”, with a smile always drawn on their face so you can feel at home.



Carmen, our mother, who inspired not only the name of the business, but the type of cuisine we believe in, dishes filled with love and abundance, also extends her spirit to the entire staff. Here we want you to feel at home and share with you the gastronomic learning we have done through long travels around the world and the best of every diet we have tried with ourselves to improve our health. Here you will feed on the love, passion and wisdom that goes into every dish.

In a short time we have become a place of reference. We have established synergies with small local producers in order to offer you a complete variety of products. You will find everything from vegan cheese, kombucha, olive tea and cakes that seem to come from another galaxy.

All of this is supported by a strong commitment to the environment that leads us to seek out top quality organic products and choose compostable plant materials and responsible inks in our take-away packaging. We are also in the app Too Good to Go, where you can buy at a better price all the products that we have not sold at the end of the day.

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