Mama Carmen’s Coffee & Bakery is the 100% vegan son of Mama Carmen’s. Just a block away from our first location, we transformed an old bakery into the mecca for pilgrims of vegan dishes. Hand in hand with The Hippie Baker, creator of the donuts, cinnamon rolls and croissants that have made us famous on the island, we developed a creative Take Away kitchen where you can find everything from superlative pumpkin cream, unparalleled hummus, unbeatable pasta salads, vegan eggs that look like they came from a hen plus daily surprises from our chefs.

The soul of Coffee & Bakery is that you can enjoy a cup of the best coffee along with a sweet or salty snack giving your body high doses of nutrients while your palate is recreated in flavors it has never tasted before.

Aware of the varied ecosystem that exists at the gastronomic level, many of our dishes have gluten-free options and we are pioneers in low sugar confectionery. We want you to enjoy what you like and at the same time take care of your health. And since no one is bitter about a sweet, here our sweets are not only not bitter, but they are also good for you!


Download our menu and start riding your winning combination!


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